A pathetic moment today

All the petty little things that wouldn't be pleasant to read at all.

我: I was denied to the job
Bin: why?
can't understand
我: because they say I need to register for at least 8 hrs to be employed
Bin: take it easy then.
我: and registering 0 hrs may be more complicated than I imagined
I need to issue a petition to graduate college and I need the consent of my advisor and my department
and given the complicated political situation in my department and the uncertainty of who will be my thesis advisor, it is almost impossible to complete the petition before school starts.
how I wish I could just drop all of the matters and stay away from UIC
Bin: cmft. so the situation seems to be you will need to register for at least 8 hours?
我: if I don't seek employment, I don't need to register 8 hrs.
Bin: how many hours then?
我: If I cannot complete the petition on time, I will need to register somewhere between 1 and 12.
and it means paying at least $4,000
Bin: what's the difference between registering 1 and say 4 hours, is there a linear relationship?
我: and If I want to get the job, I will need to pay $8,000.
no, 1-4 falls in the same range of tuition, and 5-9 another range, etc.
Bin: given the current situation, it seems a good idea to register for 4 hours, that is 2 courses?
我: no, 1
Bin: ok, do 1 then, it also makes your semester busier and full
我: but if I do 2 I will be able to get the job
but that doesn't seem to make any sense.
Bin: but you won't be able to earn enough money to pay the 4000 bucks
that's equal to 500 hours of work
我: yeah that's what I mean
Bin: so register for one course.
我: I will consult student job service to see if I can get the job with 4 hrs.
It feels bad cuz it's like I have been so naive about so many things.
Bin: take it easy. we start off by being naive and then learn about the truth
and often times, it is precious to maintain the ability to be able to think naively
don't feel bad about it. everyone will do the same thing
我: I'm just frustrated.
Bin: it's ok. You'll get over it and we will find out a solution
我: I've been trying to get some small money and it turns out that I need bigger money to enter the game
it's so pathetic
well I will stop harassing you in this way.


木遥 said...




无论如何,es muss sein,总会有办法的。加油。

eyesopen@bdwm said...

es muss sein!