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Highly looking forward to this one:

On the Cultural Revolution in Tibet: The Nyemo Incident of 1969(Hardcover (Cloth))

by Goldstein, Melvyn C. , Jiao, Ben , Lhundrup, Tanzen

Among the conflicts to break out during the Cultural Revolution in Tibet, the most famous took place in the summer of 1969 in Nyemo, a county to the south and west of Lhasa. In this incident, hundreds of villagers formed a mob led by a young nun who was said to be possessed by a deity associated with the famous warrior-king, Gesar. In their rampage the mob attacked, mutilated, and killed county officials and local villagers as well as locally stationed People's Liberation Army troops. This groundbreaking book, the first on the Cultural Revolution in Tibet, revisits the Nyemo Incident, which has long been romanticized as the epitome of Tibetan nationalist resistance against China. Melvyn C. Goldstein, Ben Jiao, and Tanzen Lhundrup demonstrate that far from being a spontaneous battle for independence, this violent event was actually part of a struggle between rival revolutionary groups and was not ethnically based. Drawing on extensive first-hand interviews with surviving participants as well as unpublished Chinese documents, "On the Cultural Revolution in Tibet" proffers a sober assessment of human malleability and challenges the parallax tendency to view every sign of unrest in Tibet in ethnonationalist terms.

Product Details
Publisher : University of California Press
Published : 01/01/2009
Format : Hardcover (Cloth) , pages 256
ISBN-10 : 0520256824
ISBN-13 : 9780520256828


ke said...

呵呵, 我也刚刚发现Melvyn Goldstein, 已将其加入暑假读书计划中。

比较想读"The Snow and the Dragon", 当然还有"A History of Modern Tibet"。去年出了第二卷,1951-1955, 还是UC Press.

五月的National Geographic有一套关于中国的文章,其中几篇讲西藏的。如果考虑什么样的媒体在塑造西方读者的看法,那或许也值得翻翻。

eyesopen@bdwm said...

Snow Lion那本我已经读完了,短小精悍,价格便宜量又足。:) 喇嘛王国的覆灭我正在看中文版的,翻译得一般,不过很好看。第二卷只讲4年的事情,跟讲了40年事情的第一卷一样厚……


Angela X. Woo said...

major justifies 啊。。

eyesopen@bdwm said...


Angela X. Woo said...