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Henry IV
Halcyon Theatre presents Henry IV, by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Tony Adams.
An Italian nobleman falls from his horse during a pageant. When he comes round, he believes he's the medieval German Emperor, King Henry IV. Time has stopped, and for twenty years he lived this illusion but today a plot is being hatched to shock him out of this 'madness' and into the twenty-first century. Pirandello's masterpiece is performed in a new adaptation

Peter Jones Gallery
1806 West Cuyler,
Chicago, IL 60613

Student $10.
May 3-June 7.

The Master Builder

Synopsis: One of Ibsen's most mysterious, symbolic, and lyrical dramas, The Master Builder explores the life of architect Halvard Solness. Master Builder Solness is in the prime of his life and the height of his powers, yet is locked in a sterile and guilt-ridden marriage, desperately fighting to maintain his place in the world. The unexpected arrival of a mysterious and beautiful young woman gives Solness new life. But does she bring redemption, or is this the end for the Master Builder?

Location: The Building Stage
412 N. Carpenter
St.Chicago, Illinois 60622

Student: $10.
Now in previews. Close on June 14.


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