07/12/08_4 What is Cultural History?

This week's academic reading was concluded by a pleasant afternoon spent at the COOP, with Peter Burke's What Is Cultural History? Burke's prose was as tacit and amiable as always, and very much amusing. He won't hesitate making witty jokes of himself and his trade as a cultural historian. Having attended his lecture once in U of C, I could imagine the respectful scholar speaking with a bold British accent, with his crisp and well-tempered gestures.

I recommend without reservation this book as well as History and Social Theory. They clarified numerous questions for me and can serve as great references to many other important works. I just adore him so much.


Angela X. Woo said...

gonna keep these books in mind.

eyesopen@bdwm said...

let's discuss about it sometimes... Knowing very little about everything, I feel my way of thinking has been deeply shaped by Burke's narrative, which might well be too neat.