two great reviews

Caroline Bynum, "Perspectives, connections & objects: what’s happening in history now?" Daedalus (Winter 2009): 71-86.

Lorraine Daston, "Science Studies and the History of Science", Critical Inquiry 55 (Summer 2009): 798-813.

(Not that I agree with them on every points, but both are extremely lucid and concise reviews that may be of interest to many. Email me if you want to take a look but do not have access to them online.)


trecento said...

thanks for the info. one of my favorite essays is Bynum's "Did the Twelfth Century Discover the Individual?"
You surely know Kelley's "What is Happening to the History of Ideas?" Another great one.

skeeter said...

dear, thanks a lot. check this on
James Secord, ‘Knowledge in Transit” Isis 95.4 (2004) p 654-72


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hmm... amazing thoughts ))