6/4 Seamus Heaney - Toome Road

The Toome Road

Seamus Heaney
One morning early I met armoured cars 在清晨,我碰见装甲车
In convoy, warbling along on powerful tyres, 排成长队,威武的轮胎吱呀作响
All camouflaged with broken alder branches, 都带着接骨木碎树枝的伪装
And headphoned soldiers standing up in turrets. 炮塔上站着戴对讲机的士兵们。

How long were they approaching down my roads 他们沿着我这里的路行进了多久,假装
As if they owned them? The whole country was sleeping. 他们是这里的主人?整个国家都在沉睡。
I had rights-of-way, fields, cattle in my keeping, 我有行路的权利,有我照看的耕地与牛群
Tractors hitched to buckrakes in open sheds, 敞棚下的拖拉机装好了犁头
Siloes, chill gates, wet slates, the greens and reds 谷仓,冷藏库,打湿的石板,还有茅房
Of outhouse roofs. Whom should I run to tell 漆成绿色和红色的屋顶。我该跑去告诉谁
Among all of those with their backdoors on the latch 那些闩好后门的人
For the bringer of bad news, that small-hours visitant 在带来坏消息的信使眼里,那凌晨来访的幽灵
Who, by being expected, might be kept distant? 谁,因为另有责任,而得以置身事外?
Sowers of seed, erectors of headstones… 播种者们,树立墓碑的人们…

O charioteers, above your dormant guns, 战车的驭者!在你沉睡的枪口之上,
It stands here still, stands vibrant as you pass, 它还在那里站立,精神抖擞地看你经过--
The invisible, untoppled omphalos.那隐形的、未倾覆的大地之脐翁法洛斯。