01/20 PPD

  1. Post-partum depression (PPD) is real.
    - But it does not quite end as the body recovers from the initial aftermath of childbirth. Rather, it becomes more menacing as far as the mind knows that your body is doing just fine, leaving no excuse for your feeling awful at the same time, incapable of action.

  2. PPD tends to happen when the mother feels that her pain and effort are under-appreciated and not reciprocated by other members of her household.
    - But it is actually not easy as well when your spouse is acting in the most most considerate and compassionate way. You cannot blame anyone else for your feeling awful. While. doing. nothing. to help.

  3. PPD is not just a self-contained thing. It awakens all of your self-doubts in the past, and amplifies them. It throws into relief, in the honest reaction of the child, your ineffective communication of feelings, misjudgments over your own worth, and your feeble pride. It is frustrating and scary at the same time, for you know that the child cannot lie. If you smile at her without meaning it, she knows it right away and cries.

  4. One smallest mistake can trigger PPD for a whole day. It happens 2-3 times a week, and I'm talking about a good week.


Bin He said...

hug~ I can only appreciate / imagine the overwhelming burden and pressure on the mom, both from outside and inside. This makes me feel any level of contribution from the father is simply incomparable.

J said...

Pat pat...You may not know me but I keep reading your post for a few years. 做母亲从来都不是件容易的事情,为你祷告,希望你feel better! Cheers!